New law defines tasks and jurisdictions of Dubai Land Department

The department will work on achieving the government’s strategic objectives for the properties sector

Dubai: His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in his capacity as Ruler of Dubai, on Tuesday issued Law No. 7 of 2013 regarding the objectives, tasks and jurisdictions of the Dubai’s Land Department.

According the provisions of the law, the department will work on achieving the government’s strategic objectives for the properties sector by developing property registration systems that keep abreast with those used on the global stage. It will also be responsible for improving its capabilities in regulatory and real estate control operations, as well as managing and developing the rental sector.

The department’s tasks include encouraging real estate investments by providing a suitable environment for investors, in addition to enhancing the contributions of the real estate sector to the emirate’s comprehensive development.

In addition to the duties assigned to the department in line with current laws, it’s duties will also include drawing up policies and plans that are in line with the development of Dubai’s strategic plan to regulate and develop the properties sector. The department is also tasked with putting in place regulatory laws for escrow accounts, real estate brokers and jointly owned property offices.

The department will encourage investments by providing investors with data and information on available opportunities in Dubai, and will also propose necessary initiatives, market legislations and policies to achieve its goals.

The department’s responsibilities include licensing real estate activities and supervising their operations, in addition to taking necessary measures to protect the stability of the emirate’s real estate market by cooperating with the relevant bodies and authorities. The department will also handle promoting the emirate’s real estate sector locally and abroad by participating in conferences and activities in the local, regional and international stage.

It will look into investors’ applications for requested benefits as per the department’s legislations and policies.

The department will prepare and issue studies and reports on the real estate market, and providing conclusions and results to decision-makers so they can benefit from them during the process of preparing policies and governmental programmes. The department will contribute to spreading awareness and knowledge on the market by preparing training programmes for developers, brokers, and other involved in activities pertaining to the sector. It is also tasked with spreading awareness on the rights commitments of dealers.

The Dubai Land Department will also be responsible for providing consultations to investors, brokers and developers, and introducing projects and programmes that enhance the role of Emiratis in the properties sector and encourages them work in real estate. The department will look into issues concerning the sector, and propose solutions by organising specialised seminars and workshops.

The law stipulates that the department has the right to evaluate the performance of affiliated bodies and ensuring that they are performing the tasks they have been assigned. The department can review the goals and objectives of these bodies, as well as dissolve or merge them as per the necessary requirements.

Article No. 5 of the law stipulates the annulment of the declaration issued on January 245, 1960, regarding the setting up of the Land Registration Department, as well as annulling Law No. 7 of 1997 regarding fees for land registration. It also annuls any article in any other law that contradicts its bylaws. The law comes into effect from the date of its issuance and is to be published in the official gazette.

Source: gulfnews

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