3 factors that will influence Dubai reality

Cityscape is finished for this year and the headline results are impressive: A record turnout that showed a year on year increase of 25%; over 300 exhibitors requiring 2 extra exhibition halls; a new initiative to allow sales transactions to be completed onsite resulting in a 186 per cent increase in off-plan property transactions being…Read more 3 factors that will influence Dubai reality


Ask the agent

Gulf News Saturday, November 4, 2017 FREEHOLD By: Mohanad Alwadiya CEO, Harbor Real Estate I was advised to hire a property agent to get a better deal. They show what they have and say what others offer are not good. Are they being truthful? The real estate market, like any sales-oriented industry, is a tough…Read more Ask the agent

مطالبات بقانون جديد لضبط سوق التأمين العقاري

مطالبات بقانون جديد لضبط سوق التأمين العقاري

فادت مصادر عاملة في قطاعي العقار والتأمين في السوق المحلي، أن «التأمين العقاري» ما يزال يفتقد إلى مجموعة من الضوابط واللوائح التنظيمية، التي تساهم في توضيح آليات التعاقد بين مختلف الأطراف، وتطبيق وتحديد الأسعار، إضافة إلى منع التلاعب بالبوليصات المتعلقة به. وأضافت المصادر أنه بات من الضروري تشريع قانون واضح يحدد كل جوانب العلاقة بين…Read more مطالبات بقانون جديد لضبط سوق التأمين العقاري

Mortgage trend continues this year

There has been a very pleasing trend that we first noticed in 2016 which is yet another demonstration of the development and maturation of Dubai’s Real Estate industry. The marked increase in the utilization of mortgages to purchase properties in the emirate demonstrates a market that has undergone a structural shift to supply more affordable…Read more Mortgage trend continues this year

Understanding value-added tax (VAT)

Understanding value-added tax (VAT)

The UAE will implement VAT at the rate of five percent in January 2018. This is not breaking news but still many people are concerned as to how the VAT will affect them personally. The VAT will affect every individual and every institution in the UAE in some way. The easy way to understand a…Read more Understanding value-added tax (VAT)