Understanding value-added tax (VAT)

Understanding value-added tax (VAT)

The UAE will implement VAT at the rate of five percent in January 2018. This is not breaking news but still many people are concerned as to how the VAT will affect them personally. The VAT will affect every individual and every institution in the UAE in some way. The easy way to understand a…Read more Understanding value-added tax (VAT)

Affordability matters most

Affordability matters most Cityscape Global Exhibition and Conference Dubai's Real Estate industry is expected to start entering a cyclical growth phase Cityscape Global is an open invitation For buyers and investors opportunities in the affordable housing segment, Dubai South areas attractive easy payment plans, great value in investing, best Real Estate and Property events globally.exciting 3 days

You need a professional property manager

You need a professional property manager, selecting a professional to manage your property(s), experience in Dubai market. development of a Property Portfolio Strategy, expertise and a fundamental understanding of what makes Real Estate such a worthwhile and superior investment, able to bring the strategy to life, cost management and maintenance supervision of the property., mutual trust., confidence in his ability to manage a business, organization has the resources., ensure it's in good hands.,


ASK THE AGENT. Which would be a better investment, buying a townhouse or an apartment?, I want to give my tenant a one-year notice to vacate the flat. Is there a format and any other formalities?, I am interested in working for a real estate broker as I have experience in the US. Can you please advise., Can you please share some details on how rental increases are determined in Dubai?, I have mortgage on an apartment that I live in and I happen to have some cash currently. Should I settle my loan or invest the cash elsewhere?

Escrow and how it can protect you

Escrow and how it can protect you. Off-plan investors urged to take other steps to boost self-protection. Anybody can open an escrow account, but not anybody can open an escrow account for property development in Dubai. Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA)