Secondary Market Prices in Springs and Meadows Surge

Secondary market prices of properties in the Springs have increased in the range of 11-33 per cent since the beginning of this year, while prices in the Meadows have surged in the range of 16-19 per cent in the same period, according to a real estate firm.
Vineet Kumar, Head of Sales, Asteco said: “In Springs, two-bedroom villas currently sell for Dh1.5 million onwards, up 36 per cent from Dh1.1m at the beginning of this year. Three-bedroom villas start from Dh2.8m from Dh2.6m in January.
“In the Meadows, current prices for four-bedroom villas start from Dh3.8m, up 18.75 per cent from around Dh3.2m at the beginning of the year. Five-bedroom villas, meanwhile, are around Dh4.4m now, up 16.5 per cent from Dh3.8m on January prices.”
According to Asteco, in the fourth quarter of 2008, prices for two-bedroom villas in the Springs were around Dh1.75m. In Meadows, a four-bedroom villa was around Dh4.5m during the same period, while a five-bedroom villa was around Dh5.2m.
“Prices in the Springs and the Meadows have seen a quarter-on-quarter steep fluctuation owing to market conditions. It would seem that prices are trying to find stability in these developments and their current levels are trying to catch up with the third to fourth quarter prices of last year,” said Kumar.
He said prices were static in the first quarter and began to rise from the second and third quarter.
Claire Collier, Manager, In-Style Real Estate said: “Currently the average price of a three-bedroom villa in the Meadows is in the region of Dh3.9m and Dh5m. A four-bedroom villa in the Meadows is also in the region of Dh3.9m and Dh5.5m. A five-bedroom villa is currently around Dh5.9m to Dh7m.”
Mohanad Alwadiya, Director, Harbor Real Estate said: “Prices appear to have stabilised in the Springs and the Meadows largely due to the increase in demand.
“The residential market is currently being driven by a flight to affordable assets. The mid- to low-income earners, who were previously excluded from the market due to high prices, are now taking advantage of the new levels of affordability. Projects such as the Springs and the Meadows are in demand, with buyers taking advantage of prices which are anywhere between 35 per cent and 50 per cent lower than the peaks of 2008.”
“When it comes to sales, we have noted a small segment of owner-occupiers that are after building equity rather than wasting money on rent,” he said.
“Overall, although villas and townhouses demand a higher tag price compared to apartments, we believe the investors will still be interested in investing in villas due to the high demand and the high return on investment that these components have been delivering.”
Collier said the Meadows is geared more towards the end-user, since it has became more affordable. “The Springs is a mixture but still offers a good buy-to-let market and is the affordable choice for young families that require a garden area.
“Also, as an Emaar project, banks have been more inclined to lend on it. The Meadows and Springs are both older and more established communities, so when some projects were put on hold, buyers turned to these developments to move into as their homes.”

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