By: Mohanad Alwadiya
Published: Gulf News
Dated: 06 August 2016

Question: As a new investor venturing into the UAE property market, how do I know if my property consultant is giving me correct information and the best advice?

If you have the feeling that your property consultant is not representing your best interest, I suggest you have a meeting with him and request a justification and rationale for all of his recommendations and advice. But in order to ascertain whether his justifications and rationale make sense, you should conduct your own research so you are able to verify the veracity of his claims and assertions. If you are still nervous about the quality of his advice, then seek an alternative as there are plenty of property consultants who are hungry for your business.

And whether or not you are a newbie to the real estate industry, you should take upon yourself the responsibility of getting to know the property industry in-depth as you wouldn’t want to risk your wealth or life savings by carelessly venturing into something strange and unfamiliar.

Question: Given that the market is still going through a down cycle, would now be a good time to invest in a REIT? 

Yes, there can definitely be some benefits in investing in a well-managed REIT during cyclical downturns such as the one being experienced at the moment.

As you would be aware REIT is an acronym for “Real Estate Investment Trust” which, as a trust company, accumulates a pool of money through an initial public offering (IPO) and buys, develops, manages and sells real estate assets. REITS allow both small and large investors the ability to invest in real estate without investing large amounts of capital or devoting a lot of time in directly managing a property portfolio.

Investors have the opportunity to buy a unit in a REIT which is actually a portion of a managed pool of real estate. This pool of real estate then generates income through the renting, leasing, selling and financing of property, and distributes it directly to the REIT investors on a regular basis.

A REIT can provide portfolio diversification because of the large amounts of pooled funds available to the REIT management team enables the accumulation and operation of different types of property assets in different locales. This provides the REIT management greater flexibility to minimize the effects of any cyclical downturn by enabling them to focus on opportunities that always exist and emerge from any correctional period to provide superior returns.

Question: It has been my plan to work as a real estate broker in Dubai, but I don’t know which company to join. Any ideas?

Have you ever worked in the industry before? To gain the greatest advantage, I suggest you join a company that will enable you to fast track your learning because, believe me, you have a lot to learn.

Find a full service company so that you gain a greater understanding of what the real estate business is all about, especially here in Dubai, because it sure is not just about buying and selling property.

The company you choose should value you as an individual and remunerate you appropriately. But they should also be prepared to invest in you by providing the types of learning experiences that come with formal training (mandatory to become a licensed agent in Dubai), in-house training as well such as being assigned a mentor, being placed on an internal rotation scheme to enable a broader knowledge of the business to be developed, or being given special projects that will facilitate your learning by encouraging you to seek answers and solutions yourself. Those companies that invest in high-potential people are typically the ones that succeed.

Surround yourself with people who are passionate about the industry because passion is contagious and it is what sets champions apart. Best of luck.

Question: In Dubai, what types of training are mandatory for new real estate agents?

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) and the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) have set a mandatory certification program for new and experienced agents who wish to work in a real estate brokerage in Dubai. The Dubai Real Estate Institute also organizes license renewal courses and exams along with a very rich variety of career development programs designed to help elevate the standards of professionalism and effectiveness of brokers in Dubai.

Question of the Week:

What sort of documents are required after accepting an offer to buy my property?

The first (and most important) step is to prepare and sign an MOU which contains all the details and timing particulars of the offer. The buyer has to sign the MOU after reviewing its provisions. As with all legal documents, we recommend you have a proficient broker or legal representative draft the MOU for you.

You will also need to sign a “Form F” which is, in essence, a contract between buyer and seller. As part of this step you should ensure that the buyer and / or all the relevant representatives such as a POA holder with original documents) have their respective identification and/or authorizations in order that payments such as the down payment and/or balance amounts, payable by either by manager’s cheque or payment from bank due at transfer, have been satisfactorily arranged.

Step 2 will require the receipt of a “No Objection Certificate” from the developer. This is usually straightforward and a simple procedure.

Step 3 is to pay and final utility bills so that the account is cleared and ready to be taken over by the new owner. If there’s a tenant, you will need to sort out any outstanding rent / payment details.

Step 4 will require you to go to the Dubai Land Department offices or a trustee registration office together with the buyer and all relevant parties, and conduct the final transfer. Transfer of ownership will take place at the DLD with all monies owed by the buyer to you to be presented as part of the transfer procedure.

Although the above procedure appears simple enough, I recommend you engage a professional to handle the transaction process for you. You will be surprised how little issues, many not foreseeable to the inexperienced, can delay the satisfactory settlement of your property sale.



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